Three Things to Remember When Choosing New Carpet

For a durable, quiet underfoot and well insulated
floor covering, you can’t go past carpet. But buying carpet is not as simple as
walking in, choosing one and then walking back out. It’s generally not a cheap
item to buy and install, but armed with the information below we believe you
can avoid making an expensive mistake and end up with a carpet you’ll love.

Know your

Size of the
area, budget and traffic of the space will factor into which fabric you choose,
but we believe that also knowing the pros and cons of each fabric matter too.
Wool carpet is the it’s warm, durable and naturally stain-resistant. Nylon is a
hard-working, cheaper alternative that resists cleaning and sunlight staining
and is ideal for children and pets and if you find a well made one, it can look
luxurious. Polypropylene / polyester is synthetic and cheap and it looks it,
but it’s good for playrooms that are likely to end up covered in stains and
mess anyways or investment properties. Wool/Nylon blends are a slightly more
budget-friendly option that are durable and high quality.

Pick your colours wisely

Show rooms like
Newcastle Carpet One have a wide range of colour options to choose
from and while your aesthetic should definitely be taken into account, there’s
other factors to consider. Lighter colours make small rooms look larger, but
show stains more easily, while dark colours hide stains but show lint. Speckled
carpets hide stains and lint but people often complain that they always look
dirty. We highly recommend visiting a showroom and trampling across carpet
samples a few times, as online colours aren’t always true to life and won’t show
you what lint or stains will look like on your chosen colour.

Need more info?

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Do stain resistant carpets actually work?

There’s so many different styles of stain-resistant carpet to choose from you may have trouble deciding! Contact Newcastle Carpet One today to discuss which stain resistant carpet is right for you!

It’s 2017 and everywhere you look, technology is playing a huge role. Commuters on their way to work are glued to their smartphones. Even traditional media such as billboards and newspaper are now digital. This technological age has continuously changed the way carpet is made in the way of stain-resistant carpets.

How does stain-resistant carpet work?

Stain-resistant carpets are made with a special outer-coating that transforms the carpet’s ability to absorb.  This outer-coating enables the owner to easily wipe away spills, often with just a damp cloth.

Does stain-resistant mean “unstainable”?

Most synthetic carpets for sale nowadays have some form of stain resistance. This does not mean that they can never be stained, but rather staining the carpet is much more difficult.

The level of stain resistance the carpet has depends on the type of carpet, the quality of its stain-resistant coating and its age.

Wool for example, is quite a luxurious carpet that is naturally more stain-resistant. Nylon carpet has tremendous staying power and lasts for a long time. It generally less expensive than wool but costs more expensive than a more stain-susceptible carpets such as polyester.

Is stain-resistant carpet a good choice for me?

Choosing carpet for your home varies dramatically depending on the individual. Your carpet choice should be based on your family’s needs and lifestyle. Certain types of carpet are better for certain situations.

We have stain resistant, durable fibers that look and feel beautiful. Our range includes various soft plush styles, a huge range rainbow of colors, and many different textures.

What type of carpet is the most resistant to pet stains?

Many Aussie households have pets, which means there’s lots of Australian households with plenty of pet hair and accidents to clean-up after. For those with pets, it is wise to choose a carpet that is more stain-resistant to avoid permanent marks on the carpet.

Colour-safe and stain resistant is recommended for households with pets. Colour-safe carpet means the carpet can be cleaned without losing its vibrant colour, and the stain-resistance will reduce absorption of spills (or pet “accidents”) until you’ve had a chance to clean it up.

There’s so many different styles of stain-resistant carpet to choose from you may have trouble deciding! Contact Newcastle Carpet One today to discuss which stain resistant carpet is right for you!

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