Superb sustainable flooring choices from Newcastle Carpet One

Giving the idea more importance than just about anywhere else across the planet, it’s fair to say that many Australians now appreciate that making sustainable product choices offers a feel-good factor, both personally and for our precious environment. 


This is of key importance inside the home, and the Newcastle Carpet One team have always appreciated such concerns, which is why we offer some magnificent sustainable flooring choices. Here we’re going to highlight just a few of the many superb options we can offer you.

Introducing the Just Shorn wool collection

This collection contains around two hundred completely sustainable wool flooring choices, ranging (just alphabetically!) from Camden Station to Wainui – the expression ‘spoilt for choice’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. 


This wool comes from animals who spend their lives in the New Zealand countryside. Let’s face it, the only thing New Zealanders know more about than raising superb sheep is rugby – and we won’t mention that again! Natural wool carpets have some great features, including hypoallergenic characteristics, being able to help claw harmful pollutants out of our air, and adding genuine warmth beneath our feet – just think how wool insulates sheep in cold climates.

Thanks to the natural oil lanolin, wool is also much more water-resistant than many people expect it to be. When you also add its durability, keeping carpets in shape through many years of hard wear, its an obvious choice for so many for our floor coverings. The Newcastle Carpet One collection covers a huge choice of shades, plush patterns and looped possibilities.

Marlborough Sounds – as wonderful as the location

Marlborough is home to an astonishing collection of completely sea-drowned valleys, islands and peninsulas, covering more than four thousand square kilometres, set right at the north end of New Zealand’s South Island. 

The carpet bearing the same name is also hugely impressive in its finish and style, enjoying all the terrific wool properties already mentioned in the previous section. With both colourfast and wear warranties for an amazing fifteen years, you might choose Marlborough Sounds in restrained ash or warm camel – but many other options are also available, including, not surprisingly from New Zealand, Silver Fern.


Unbeatable bamboo flooring

Many Newcastle Carpet One customers love the idea of wood flooring, which is why so many give great consideration to natural bamboo flooring. 

They appreciate the fact that the wood is carefully regrown in five to six year cycles in dedicated plantations – both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Green Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) have awarded this ARC bamboo their independent environmental certification. The finished wood itself features beautiful long and wide boards, and it’s very strong and durable, highlighted by its 25 year residential warranty.


The comfort of cork

With the same warranty length as bamboo flooring, this choice is sourced from the bark of the cork oak tree. Amazingly, stripping this bark simply allows the tree to refresh itself and grow more. The bark is stripped once in every decade or so; some of the amazing trees themselves are known to be centuries old. This is surely a perfect example of the word sustainable!

People who have chosen ambient and anti-bacterially treated cork flooring already know it to be a comfortable, hypoallergenic, low-emission and noise-reducing option. It’s also very easy to clean and is a superb natural floor covering that offers many colour choices, including slate.


What will you choose?

The above is simply an introduction to the wealth of stylish and market-leading floor coverings available here at locally-owned and run Newcastle Carpet One. Each store is a key part of an amazing co-operative group, with more than 1,700 stores spread across the globe. If you have any questions about sustainable flooring, our experts are happy to offer advice. Please call 02 4952 1466 for an obligation free chat. 

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Pairing flooring and skirting boards


Some folk see choosing or replacing skirting boards as a way of simply filling the gap between floor and wall. This might compare to choosing a painting not because you like it, because your eye is drawn to it, but simply to break up a wall or cover a stain. In both cases, you surely want your choice to really enhance the overall effect. 

When you have chosen a stylish new flooring for your home, the next stage is to consider the skirting boards you will add. You might have already made that flooring choice of timber, laminate, vinyl or bamboo and cork from our huge selection here at Carpet One. Moving on to the skirting boards, you’ll be considering both practical and aesthetic areas as you reach your decision. You want to make sure your choice emphasises the flooring style you have selected and adds to the overall effect. Here’s how we recommend you do so:

Equally, having invested substantially in a long-lasting flooring, it pays to add skirting boards of the same quality and longevity; effectively pairing skirting with flooring. A good choice can also appear to add to the size and certainly the style of your chosen room. Skirting boards can also provide a valuable level of protection to the base of your wall, where feet might accidentally scuff or vacuum cleaners neglectfully bash.


You’ll also have a choice of finishes to consider, such as low maintenance and affordable MDF, easily stained or varnished softwood, or seriously stylish but slightly more complicated to fit hardwood. 

In our increasingly electronic world, more home-owners are also using skirting boards to hide and protect cabling. It’s also vital to make sure that your flooring choice fits properly under the skirting boards. 

Skirting boards: a size and focus thing

Before we move on to consider style, let’s think about size. Choosing a narrow skirting board might make the room appear less exclusive than a choice of a wider option, which seems to add more richness to the overall impression. 

Moving on to focus, a different colour of skirting, particularly if it’s dramatic and dark, will draw the eye to it and suggest a level of elegance. Let’s look at your style possibilities in more detail… 


One major style choice to make

This is whether to compare or contrast. The former should see an exact match; sadly some people choose a skirting board of a marginally different colour or shade to their flooring choice – this seldom looks good. An exact skirting colour comparison with either flooring or the remainder of the wall allows the finished design to appear unfussy and flow naturally and provide a positive effect. 

The alternative is to decide on a daring contrast, allowing wall, floor and skirting boards to each have its own distinctiveness. Again, you’ll want to make sure the end result is still pleasing to the eye. Of course, you might reach different decisions for different rooms. 

A child’s bedroom might benefit from a bright and vibrant skirting board, or even one with LED lights as part of the design, adding fun to their private space.

A couple of contrasts that seem to work well in narrow and long hallways are much darker or charcoal skirting boards, especially if matched with lighter wall shadings.

Tips for painting your skirting boards

Finally, with your choice made, you might be wishing to decorate your new skirting boards yourself. A few important thoughts to help with this. 

Firstly, where appropriate, take time to sand the surface to allow your paint to better bond to it. Then apply masking tape around the edges, protecting both wall and your newly laid floor. Painting in strokes of about a metre in length helps to provide an even finish and make sure your final stroke is right along the length of the area. 


After applying a second coat, make sure the paint has fully dried before removing your masking tape. Special care needs to be taken with this if you have carpet on your floor. Incidentally, here at Carpet One, we have almost a hundred different terrific carpet designs, ranging, alphabetically speaking, from Alpina to Yvresse!

If you have any questions about pairing your flooring and skirting choices, our experts are happy to offer advice. Please call 02 4952 1466 for an obligation free chat.

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Three Things to Remember When Choosing New Carpet

For a durable, quiet underfoot and well insulated
floor covering, you can’t go past carpet. But buying carpet is not as simple as
walking in, choosing one and then walking back out. It’s generally not a cheap
item to buy and install, but armed with the information below we believe you
can avoid making an expensive mistake and end up with a carpet you’ll love.

Know your

Size of the
area, budget and traffic of the space will factor into which fabric you choose,
but we believe that also knowing the pros and cons of each fabric matter too.
Wool carpet is the it’s warm, durable and naturally stain-resistant. Nylon is a
hard-working, cheaper alternative that resists cleaning and sunlight staining
and is ideal for children and pets and if you find a well made one, it can look
luxurious. Polypropylene / polyester is synthetic and cheap and it looks it,
but it’s good for playrooms that are likely to end up covered in stains and
mess anyways or investment properties. Wool/Nylon blends are a slightly more
budget-friendly option that are durable and high quality.

Pick your colours wisely

Show rooms like
Newcastle Carpet One have a wide range of colour options to choose
from and while your aesthetic should definitely be taken into account, there’s
other factors to consider. Lighter colours make small rooms look larger, but
show stains more easily, while dark colours hide stains but show lint. Speckled
carpets hide stains and lint but people often complain that they always look
dirty. We highly recommend visiting a showroom and trampling across carpet
samples a few times, as online colours aren’t always true to life and won’t show
you what lint or stains will look like on your chosen colour.

Need more info?

Visit our flooring showroom today
and speak with a Carpet One flooring consultant at:

Address: 122
Garden Grove Parade, Adamstown Heights NSW 2289

Phone: (02) 4952 1466

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12 Reasons to Choose Wool Carpet

Newcastle Carpet One is an exclusive stockists of the acclaimed Bremworth Collection in Newcastle. The range of high quality wool carpets brings an extra element of luxury to our already extensive range of products for those that want to spoil themselves.

So why should you choose wool carpet? Here’s 12 reasons from Cavalier Bremworth on why wool is a great choice for carpeting your home or business.

    o This product uses 100% pure New Zealand Wool fibre. From the farm gate to the floor we control the process, ensuring the highest quality wool every step of the way.
    o We’ve achieved the highest environmental grading – ECS Level 4, contributing valuable points towards both materials and indoor air quality under the Green Star office rating system.
    o This product has achieved an ACCS Residential Extra Heavy Duty plus Stairs 6* rating making it the perfect choice if quality and performance are important
    o Warm and comforting, soft and luxurious – wool carpet provides an unmatched sensory experience.
    o Wool is the safest carpet fibre because it’s the most difficult to ignite, it burns slowly and is easy to extinguish.
    o Wool naturally absorbs and releases moisture from the atmosphere, helping regulate humidity to create a more comfortable living environment.
    o Wool naturally repels static charge.
    o We use only the finest grades of New Zealand wool to bring you the purest shades of colour. Wool’s unique spiral crimp provides natural bounce-back properties, which means your carpet will retain its looks for longer.
    o Wool carpets are non-allergenic and they filter the unwanted toxins and odours that can cause irritation. Wool carpet binds allergy-causing substances tightly, preventing them from entering the breathing zone.
    o Wool has a very thin, waxy coating bonded to the surface, which naturally repels water – giving you time to wipe spills up before they become a stain.
    o We only buy wool from New Zealand farmers. We then scour, dye and spin the yarn in our Napier and Whanganui plants before it’s tufted into carpet in Papatoetoe, Auckland.
    o 15 year abrasive wear warranty* This carpet is made to last – we warrant that the surface pile of your carpet will not lose more than 10% of its fibre due to abrasive wear within 15 years.

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